i'm ally and i'm very into science these days




How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?

Oh man.

I loved GotG, but this is fantastic and true.

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Anonymous said: Why didn't you like Gaurdians of the Galaxy?

it just felt really rushed to me? like suddenly they were all “yeah we’re friends” and i felt like i missed something. and gamora and nebula weren’t really explained very well which upset me. like they establish that nebula hates gamora but they don’t tell us why??? and we never really figure out nebula’s motivations in general. she kind of just went with whatever happened. they gave us a sense of undying loyalty to her father and then suddenly oh ok i’ll stick with you ronan oh wait i never even liked ronan anyway lol whatever. and then the unnecessary subplot or whatever of peter quill being a womanizer?? it literally added nothing to his character expect make me dislike him a little. like literally out of nowhere a half naked woman pops out and he’s like “lol i forgot u were here and also forgot ur name” and i’m just like….okay. but uh yeah that’s some of the reasons


"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one


hey bro…u awake? can i hold your hand…..i had a nightmare

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​Brittney Griner Is Engaged to Glory Johnson!!

Brittney Griner (of The Phoenix Mercury) just got engaged to her girlfriend Glory Johnson (of The Tulsa Shock).  Last night, Brittney posted an adorable pic of her proposing to Johnson in a pink bowtie. 

This makes Griner NOT ONLY  the first openly gay athlete to score a Nike contract,  but also the first professional athlete to get engaged to a player on a rival team (along with Johnson obvi). 


Aww! They’re adorable in that first photo. And wow @ the second photo. The peace there; the love.

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Anonymous said: Holy crap I don't think I saw a picture of you until now and you are stunning! Seriously wow post selfies more often please?

aw thank u

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Anonymous said: YOU ARE SO CUTE OMFG

ahhh thank u :’)

I wish we ended on a good note. Instead, we just ended.
Anonymous said: you're pretty!

thank u :)


really sick of seeing so much hate directed towards the police on here. look, we get it, you prefer sting’s solo work, i like it too alright? that doesnt mean ‘every little thing she does is magic’ and ‘can’t stand losing you’ arent awesome jams. ‘roxanne’ and ‘don’t stand so close to me’ are classic, don’t even get me started on ‘spirits in the material world’. just stop ok? 

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Anonymous said: you're completely adorable

thank you so much